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November 05, 2021

Lockheed Martin Employees May Not Receive Unemployment Benefits Amidst Vaccine Requirements

Employers across the nation are promoting safety protocols by requiring employees to be vaccinated against COVID-19 in order to work in-person, or risk severe consequences of their employment.

Lockheed Martin, like many businesses of over 100 employees, are introducing or has the potential of introducing vaccine mandates for employees under specific deadlines if the employee shows proof of vaccination to the employer. Without the vaccination, employees run the risk of certain consequences if their vaccination deadline to return to in-person work is not met.

The consequences of not receiving the vaccine could vary by company, but most companies, potentially including Lockheed Martin, may terminate employees for disregarding the vaccination requirements set in place by Lockheed Martin. 

CNN had revealed that three unvaccinated employees were fired on August 12th, after violating the company’s vaccine requirements for in-person workers, according to an internal memo from Jeff Zucker.

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Of course, CNN is not the only company setting consequences for employees due to violations of the company’s requirements. Lockheed Martin could require that employees are vaccinated against COVID-19, which includes management positions under different deadlines. Although the consequences vary by company, most companies fall under the premise of removing employees from their positions within the company.

Included in these consequences could be a loss of vital health or retirement benefits, a lack of severance packages, or becoming ineligible to be rehired.

If an employee is fired from Lockheed Martin due to the violation of the company’s requirements, however, employees could potentially not receive their unemployment benefits. 

“Typically, an employee who is terminated for failing to comply with company policies is not eligible for unemployment benefits, which would include refusing to comply with a company’s COVID-19 prevention policies, masking requirements or vaccine requirements,” said Alana Ackels, a labor and employment lawyer in an interview with MarketWatch.

This could mean that many at Lockheed Martin could face the risk of losing unemployment benefits if failing to comply with company policies for vaccine requirements. Employees however who provide proof of medical or religious objections may still receive unemployment benefits if terminated from their position.

Each unemployment case is always viewed individually, on a case-by-case basis for each company. 

However, a violation of an employer’s policy is not always a disqualifying circumstance,” said Marina Gelpi Clay, press secretary at the Louisiana Workforce Commission in an interview with MarketWatch. “We review the facts and circumstances of each case before making a determination of eligibility.”


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