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August 01, 2021

Top 5 Retirement Advisors In The United States in 2021

It isn’t easy finding the right financial firm when retiring from your company. Whether you’re seeking help in pre-retirement planning, taking a pension lump sum or annuity, interest rate impacts on your pension, stock options, deferred compensation or retirement tax guidance, there are many retirement planning firms that can suit your needs. Many retirees are faced with the decision on the impacts of leaving the company now versus the pluses and minuses of staying at the company longer. We have identified a few of the top retirement firms in your area based on the methodology listed below.



In order to find the top 5 financial firms in the United States, a few individual key notes were taken into consideration in order to filter out firms that did not provide a specialty in corporate retirement planning services, firms that don’t knowledge to serve retirees clients, and all firms registered with SEC.

The firms that were qualified were ranked on a basis of:

- Specialty: Most important is that the firm has a specialty in working with corporate retirees and addressing transition decisions

- Complimentary Services: Firms offer free webinars, retirement E-books, free retirement consultations

- Cash Flow Analysis: Form must offer a cash flow analysis that can assist in making the decision on whether you should retire

- Years In Business: Firms that have been in business longer are more qualified to be ranked.

This list may include firms that hold a relationship with this website.

Why Work With an Advisor? 

Planning for your financial future is an obstacle, and it isn’t easy finding the right firm or the right financial advisor to plan accordingly. The variable of ending up with an unstable financial plan is high-risk, one many want to avoid.

Choosing the right firm for you is a large piece of the financial journey should you choose to pursue it, which is why the firms listed and qualified here rank so highly for helping individual clients discover the right path to financial stability, even after retirement. With experienced and educated retirement-focused advisors to guide you through the planning process, these financial firms can make the planning process simple, easy, and comfortable in order to find the right footing through many financial changes.

Running out of money during retirement is a large fear for many looking to invest and plan their retirement, and many firms like the ones set in our criteria are set in helping clients achieve the right retirement or financial plan to assure the client’s stability through retirement.

This can include making changes to the retirement plan when changes arise in the economy, providing services that help the client on their journey, or giving clients insight on how their plan may look before their retirement date.

Why Work With A Firm?

With ongoing changes in the planning process combined with the pandemic revealing just how easy it is for decades of planning and investment can be uprooted. Current financial plans could impact how much money will last throughout your retirement.

It’s important to receive help in reviewing your company retirement plan with an experienced financial advisor that specializes in your company plan analysis.

A 2020 Northwestern Mutual Study found that 71% of U.S. adults will acknowledge that their financial plan needs improvement, but only 29% of individuals actually work with a financial advisor for their financial planning.

Whether you are close to retirement and have not begun planning, or are far along in the planning process and seek improvements to your financial plans, it is important to note that choosing the right financial firm in your area, and the right financial advisor, is vital in the process of assuring your plans are solid.

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